Englemann Spruce

Picea engelmannii

Type: Coniferous – evergreen trees with needles and cones
Bark: Gray-brown, with thick and flakey scales.
Leaves: Shorter, blue-green needles. These are evergreen, meaning they stay on the tree year round.
Elevation: Found at higher elevations around 8,000 to 11,000 ft
Height: Grow 45-130ft


Native to North america. Mostly appears at high elevations in mountainous landscapes. Engelmann spruce trees prefer relatively moist soils and often can be found on northern facing slopes with more shade and less evaporation.
Relation to Fire
Engelmann spruce are often killed by fires due to their thin bark, shallow roots, and low branches. That said, when a fire thins other trees in an area Engelmann spruce may actually benefit from less shade and survive.

(Not So) Fun Fact

  • This tree is susceptible to the Spruce Bark Beetle that has been devastating Colorado trees in recent years.