Ice Age Horse

Equus scotti

  • Height: 4.5 feet at shoulder
  • Weight: 500 lb
  • Closest living relative: Zebra
  • Status: Extinct likely due to changing climate change
The Ice Age Horse is an extinct horse that is thought to have been closely related to the zebra. It has a single toe (hoof) and strong legs for running. 
This Ice Age Horse is believed to have been a grazer, eating grasses and other low vegetation. 
It’s thought that the Ice Age Horse lived in herds similar to modern horses and zebras. 
Distribution and Habitat
The Ice Age Horse lived all across what is now the Americas –  in grasslands, open wetlands, and open woodlands. 

Fun Fact

  • The Ice Age Horse was likely the last native horse in the Americas...
    It died out 10,000 years ago and there were no horses in the Americas until Conquistadors brought them back during the conquest of the Americas.