Tiger Salamander

Ambystoma tigrinum

  • Weight: 2-3 oz
  • Length: 6-8 inches
  • Status: Species can still be found today!
The largest land salamander in North America, the Tiger salamander has distinctive brown-yellow spots on a dark brown or black body. They are stout amphibians, with thick and strong limbs and tails. 
The tiger salamander eats small insects, snails, slugs, frogs and worms. They sometimes exhibit cannibalistic tendencies and consume their own kind. 
Distribution and Habitat
Tiger salamanders inhabit woodlands with conifer and deciduous trees as well as grassy open fields. The species is found largely on the east coast of the US ranging from New York to Florida. However, they claim the title of widest spread salamander in North America being found across North America. The salamander lives much of its life underground burrowing in moist soil to hide from predators.

Fun Facts

  • At the Ziegler reservoir site, many salamander bones were found inside hollow mastodon tusks. It’s believed these salamanders made homes out of the tusks.
  • Tiger salamanders are extremely loyal to their birthplace, capable of traveling long distances to return to their birthplace to breed.