In 2010, Snowmass Village was the scene of one of the most significant ice age discoveries of all time. Hundreds of people rallied to unearth thousands of prehistoric fossils from Ziegler Reservoir. Here’s how to immerse yourself in the Ice Age experience when you’re in Snowmass! 

Passport Walk – pick up an Ice Age Passport and stroll the Village to visit art and educational pieces dedicated to this world-class discovery. Stop at each of the sites contained in the passport to gather clues and answer questions. Turn in your completed passport for a prize!

–  Tunnel Mural
–  Tower Mural
–  Skittles Gondola
–  Base Village Plaza
–  Base Village Transit Center 

Passports are free, and can be received and redeemed at the following locations:
– Snowmass Guest Services at Town Park Station and on the Snowmass Mall: open daily 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. through October 1
– The Front Desk at Snowmass Town Hall: open weekdays year-round, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00pm 

Want to dig deeper? There’s more to discover! 

Discovery Trail – three education stations on the mountain are accessible via a hiking trail in summer, and on the Dawdler ski run in winter. To access the Discovery Trail, begin your hike up Fanny Hill, after about 1/8 of a mile you will see a sign for the Discovery Trail.  Click here for a map. During the winter months, access is via the Dawdler ski run (green) which you can follow the signs from the mid-station at the Village Express lift.

Spiral Point – hike up the popular Rim Trail (South) and look back in time at Ziegler Reservoir, the site of the fossil discovery, from viewfinders perched at the top. This hike is popular for a reason with its stunning 360-degree views of the Valley, the reservoir below and countless peaks above. Free parking is available at the trailhead on Divide Road. Alternatively, free parking is also available in the numbered parking lots near the Snowmass Mall. For more details about the hike to Spiral Point, click here.

Storybook Walk – stroll the leisurely Sleigh Ride Trail to read the story, Snowmastodon! Snow Day Adventure, by local author Amiee White Beazley. While the main trailhead doesn’t have public parking available, it is very easily accessible from lodging near the Snowmass Mall. For those who prefer to drive to a trailhead, access is available via the Ditch Trail from the Upper Divide Parking Lot. For more details about the Sleigh Ride Trail, click here

Village Shuttles – ride one of the free shuttles around Snowmass to learn fun facts about the Snowmass Ice Age Discovery. Click here for Village Shuttle information, including schedules and routes- the Snowmass Mall, Base Village and Town Park station are major hubs. 

SnowmassIceAge.com – get all the details on the plants and animals discovered here, the team that performed the dig, and why it’s so important to scientists.  

Want to meet a mastodon? Click here to view our AR experience.